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5am 5pm

5am 5pm is a next-generation app that includes better live meetings for personal and corporate usage, live classroom features for educational institutions and community for live classes from various tutors and institutes.

This age of technology seeks digitality in everything, especially the pandemic made every institution, conference, and course portals go online. To achieve maximum virtualization in this situation, this app helps with live meetings, scheduling, team creations, room creation, course portals with the engagement of different tutors all over the world and various institutes. It includes complete virtualization of educational institutes with all features that are to be available offline, like attendance analytics, class segregation, mark database, syllabus view, material archive, group chat for every subject, etc.

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We started with expert-based analysis (Heuristic Evaluation). Let understand a bit about Heuristic Evaluation first, It involves experience-based techniques for usability inspection method and helps to identify usability issues in User Interface (UI) Using this approach, we performed a Heuristic Evaluation on the website to evaluate its usability and potential pain points and estimate the severity of each issue.

For the Heuristic evaluation of NISM onboarding, We have applied Jakob Nielsen’s heuristics and Severity scale. We found lots of issues and prepared a detailed report of issues with current competitors and tried to rectify them in our app.

11. Heuristic Evaluation Evaluation
10. Heuristic Evaluation Evaluation
9. Heuristic Evaluation Evaluation
8. Heuristic Evaluation Evaluation
6. Heuristic Evaluation Evaluation
7. Heuristic Evaluation Evaluation
5. Heuristic Evaluation Evaluation
4. Heuristic Evaluation Evaluation
3. Heuristic Evaluation Evaluation
2. Heuristic Evaluation Evaluation

We created a Persona and try to figure out user behavior, needs, pain points, frustrations, and goals. It really helped us to design a better solution to existing problems.


Empathizing with a user is a very basic and mandatory step in order to give the user a better experience. So we visualize the users thinking and behavioral pattern by illustrating empathy maps. This illustration helps us to understand our desired users' daily activities. Below is the empathy map illustration of the Competitior App’s desired user.


We did the analysis of our research and try to dig deep into what went wrong in the current Information Architecture of the competitors. We researched how the user prefers to navigate and come up with the solution. Now finally after a lot of iterations on Paper sketches, we were able to move forward to make it a digital wireframe. We used Figma for making digital wireframes

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  • Student dashboard with direct access to live classroom easily.

  • Assignments to be submitted, and those which are nearing the due dates are displayed for immediate submission and reminder.

  • Exam updates are given with a scrollable monthly calendar, dates, subject, and syllabus.

  • Analytics on attendance, marks, syllabus progress, etc. are given for a quicker view of one's own attendance.

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Group video meetings with up to 200 participants at once, including screen share, whiteboard, different layouts, chats, etc.

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Schedule meetings and classes easily and invite your contacts to the conference, create teams with designation descriptions for better hierarchy.

Check your attendance, syllabus progress, and mark progress with exact values for your reference and self-improvement with analytics.

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Coming Soon to Playstore and Appstore

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