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This is me!

I am a product designer & a storyteller, with a little knowledge of front-end development. With 5 years of experience in the industry, I have gained exposure to many products & users. Currently I am a full-time senior product designer at a healthcare company, and help startups with design consultation. I also mentor at ADPlist, SuperProf, MentorPal.AI & online, and in private in colleges.
Leisurely, you can see me with my sketchbook, or on the open roads with my bike, or prepping coffees, or baking desserts, or hunting aliens on the internet. I also write blogs (trying to be consistent!)
I was up to these
Some of the projects that I worked on as a part of my journey, click to view them!
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Wanna learn?
Main hoon na?
Here’s what my mentees have to say about my mentorship on design process, leadership, portfolio & interview guidance
Move around to clear up the stack😬
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Up for a chat sesh?
We can connect for opportunities, design consultations, mentorship, collaborations (or literally anything!)
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