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A web app that helps Non native English speakers to write college essays & texts easily and score more
UI/UX Designer & a solo contributor, involving cross team collaborations, research, competitive analysis & design.
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How do I make non native English speakers score more in essays & easily learn the language with the help of AI?
What did I solve?
Non native speakers of any language expect guidance. English, with a wide usage, is a need in this era. Many non-native speakers struggle to write college essays & work emails. Also they struggle to learn the language. So the process of writing is time consuming & difficult for them.
How did I solve?
Data analysis of the product
Understand business needs
Collected user insights by surveys & meets
Competitive analysis
Validate & iterate
Deeper into the process
I dived into the data analytics at the start, since this was an existing product. I analysed the user drop points, time spent in each page & region etc. I then understood the business needs & values, what the current customers feel & what did the competitor achieve. I had interviews with students, professors, language specialists

We set 3 goals for our revamp.

Make writing better, faster, and clearer.

1. Paraphraser
Eradicate plagiarism from the content
2. Summariser
Concision of writings
3. Grammar checker
Tool to check grammar & learn with corrections
Few other UI components
Interactive gifs that accurately explains the copy (live site has gifs), that helps in tutoring new users about the features & tools
Showing integrations in landing page to encourage downloads and conversion
As a result of this revamp,
Increased conversion by 20%, more web visits & better user reviews

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