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An app to reduce the dilemma of deciding a movie by curating a list based on genre, mood, length and rating when there are tons of options

Application Scope

Since people are in quarantine and online streaming platforms have been presenting more number of films and flixes these days, dilemma arises on which film to watch. This dilemma can be solved easily, based on several decision making algorithms.

About Application

This is a mobile application that would help them with deciding what movie to watch based on their favorite genre, mood, time available and rating. It makes movie decision making easier, faster and more informative, making it the best place to discover what to watch, where to watch, anytime, anywhere.

Competitor Analysis


Success Criteria

Users are posed to 16,000 movies at a time on the internet. With 28 clicks, the options are reduced to 571 movies. Which concludes a 96.43% reduction of dilemma.

User Persona

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User Research Questionnaire

  • How much time do you spend on Netflix?

  • How much time do you spend on deciding a film to watch?

  • Do you always find the recommended content relevant?

  • If you cant find the content, how do you go forward?

  • Do you find deciding based on mood, genre and length useful?

Recurrent Answers

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Pain Points

  • High number of films with mixed genres.

  • Machine learning suggestions irrelevant to current mood.

  • Unpredicted length of movie, forcing to be paused for work.

  • Rating of movies that affect views on an accidental good film

  • People bored by long questionnaire get irrelevant suggestions

Possible Solutions

  • Clear genre selection with primary and secondary allotment

  • Movie suggestions based on mood of the user

  • Movie suggestions based on time the user wishes to watch

  • Movies suggested based on ratings if needed

  • Simple 4 step questionnaire or 1 step roulette

User Story-1

Mr. A uses Netflix 3.2 hours a day to watch 1-2 movies. He is a movie blogger and likes to watch different genres of movies. But he faces a problem, where the suggestions are based on a single genre everytime. He is not able to start a new genre the other day and is forced to go on a search for 5-10 minutes.

Mr. A uses Flixy to find a movie of his favorite genre and select a movie under his tight time schedule without further delay and is able to check out new movies everyday in 2-3 clicks, which creates a positive outcome for him.

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User Story-2

Mr. B undergoes a tragic heartbreak and wants to divert himself with movies. He aims to watch a contrasting genre film as he is feeling sad and moody. He chooses an action film, which include romantic portions that lead to more depressing memories, and his motive gets failed.

Mr. B uses Flixy to find a movie in Action genre and selects sad mood, with which he gets a combination of action+comedy film in no time and distracts himself successfully with blockbuster actions and hilarious portions as promised by the app.

User Story-3

Mr. C is stuck in a dozy party and gets trapped with no entertainment around. He is unable to leave for that 1 hour and then he would flee to a dinner with the family. He starts to watch a film of his favorite genre and the movie gets very interesting, but he is forced to pause and drive home, which completely makes his movie uninteresting and goes away with the plot due to loss of curiosity in the moment.

Mr. C uses Flixy to find a movie of his favorite genre and select a movie he can watch fully in the available time and goes out with complete satisfaction without interruptions and having to pause, which creates a positive outcome for him.

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User Story-4

Mr. D is so bored and irritated by all the happenings in the surroundings, so he is irritated again by the rain of questions before selecting the movie. He aims for a quicker answer to start watching something. He is forced to check all the suggestions and genres, which makes him lose interest in watching the film.

Mr. D uses Flixy and selects 3 genres, in a single page, and the roulette gives him 3 movies to watch, from which he can choose 1. His options have been cut down by 480%, which is a huge positive outcome.

User Flow

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Prototype-Dark mode

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