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Frosty's Donuts

Frosty's was a branding design project for a startup, where branding was an utmost need, and I freelanced with them. I researched their menu and the visuals of their food presentations to come up with this theme for their branding, which were exclusively donuts. The logo is quite simple, which goes well with the vector type donuts in the backdrop of the products. They needed a vibrant and fun colored brand for their marketing just like their donuts look. I gave them a popping blue and mild pink combo with some donut illustrations for their brand.

Desktop - 3.png

I designed paper carrying bags, carton boxes, business cards, cups, uniforms and so on for Frosty Donuts. I designed social media marketing  with memes, tweets, posts and posters for the walls. I chose playful colours to set a happy and relishing mood to the atmosphere.

Desktop - 9.png
Desktop - 7.png
Desktop - 8.png
Desktop - 10.png
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