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A web app that helps concierge team manage a client’s house moving process end to end, including amenities, documents, call recordings, legalities, etc.
UX designer, helped with end to end research & design process.
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How do I make concierge’s manage the client’s whole move process easier and onboard new agents?
What did I solve?
A move from one home to another include all of these
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But how can a concierge agent manage everything from one place & always pull it up whenever he converses with the client?

The web app was full of data & texts, usually dashboards are clumsy, that led to a very disorganized conversation for the agent, and also led to a massive drop of agent enrollment.
How did I solve?
Observing concierge's usage
Understand business needs
pain points
Competitive analysis
Design sprint
Validate & iterate
Deeper into the process
I observed the concierge agent’s daily work routine with the web app, and understood their usage at times of emergency calls from clients, managing their client’s end to end data, following up with client’s service people for different needs, booking services from the same platform etc.

With more than 10 usages found in the web-app, the app was clumsy & tiring enough for the agents.

We also found a major challenge faced by our agents

Our agents were on calls with clients 97% of the time. Accessing all the data of a client in one screen was the need, but was not possible at that time. They had to switch tabs to check different data in calls.

We set 2 goals for our revamp.

Automate & Digitalise
1. Dashboard
Space to look at progress, daily appointments etc. It encouraged agents to complete targets & had their work schedule/appointments in single view
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2. Sidebar
Space to add appointments, do bookings, usually works with customer on call.
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3. Concierge calendar
Space to add, view, reschedule, cancel appointments of concierges
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4. Activity log
Space to view all previous interactions with a client
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Few other screens from the project
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As a result of this revamp,

User engagement rate has gone up from
43% ->

Increased agent enrollment

Half the time, double the results
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