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A web app that helps Non native English speakers to write college essays & texts easily and score more
UI/UX Designer & a solo contributor, involving cross team collaborations, research, competitive analysis & design.
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How do I make non native English speakers score more in essays & easily learn the language with the help of AI?
What did I solve?
Non native speakers of any language expect guidance. English, with a wide usage, is a need in this era. Many non-native speakers struggle to write college essays & work emails. Also they struggle to learn the language. So the process of writing is time consuming & difficult for them.
How did I solve?
Attitudinal, behavioural, quantitative, qualitative
Define problem & ideate
Understand business & tech constraints
Validate & iterate
Attitudinal analysis
Interviews, Survey, Online Feedbacks

92% of users expressed satisfaction with QuillBot's paraphrasing accuracy. However, 15% suggested the need for more clear UI of tool for undisturbed writing. 78% of respondents found the summarization feature helpful for condensing lengthy texts, while 10% requested more options for customizing summary length.
Behavioural analysis
Heatmap, Feature adoption, Bounce rate study

73.3% was the average adoption rate for the 3 features. We also found that the bounce rate was low (18%), but the reasons were strong.

1.Confusing User Interface: 40% of bounce instances occurred due to users finding the UI difficult to navigate, leading to frustration and abandonment.

2.Slow Response Time: 30% of bounces were attributed to slow response times, especially during peak usage hours, causing users to leave in search of faster alternatives.

3.Inaccurate Results: 20% of users bounced because they found inaccuracies in the paraphrased or summarized content, suggesting issues with the algorithms.

4.Lack of Customization: 10% of users left due to a perceived lack of customization options, indicating a need for more tailored user experiences.
Quantitative analysis
Data analysis via Amplitude
Session Time:
Average Session Duration: 9 minutes
Insight: Users spend considerable time on QuillBot, indicating sustained engagement with the platform's features.

Drop Rate:
Overall Drop Rate: 12%
Insight: A moderate drop rate suggests most users stay engaged, but improvements could reduce the abandonment rate further.

Average Daily Users:
Peak Usage Hours: 10 AM - 12 PM and 7 PM - 9 PM
Average Daily Users: 1.2 million
Insight: QuillBot experiences high user activity during these peak hours, indicating its popularity during work and study times.

Feature Usage:
Paraphrasing Tool Usage: 65% of total users
Summarization Feature Usage: 45% of total users
Grammar Checker Usage: 55% of total users
Insight: Paraphrasing tool is the most popular, followed closely by the grammar checker, while summarization feature lags in adoption.

Time Spent per Feature:
Paraphrasing Tool: 10 minutes on average per session
Summarization Feature: 6 minutes on average per session
Grammar Checker: 8 minutes on average per session
Insight: Users spend varying amounts of time on different features, with the paraphrasing tool having the highest user engagement.

User Retention Rate:
30-Day Retention Rate: 40%
Insight: 40% of users continue to use QuillBot after 30 days, indicating a decent level of user satisfaction and long-term engagement.
Users needed undisturbed UI, the settings & customisations to be organised better, make users aware of the features better. For marketing & engagement, the value propositions are to be displayed better.
We set 3 goals for our revamp.

Make writing better, faster, and clearer.

1. Paraphraser
Eradicate plagiarism from the content
2. Summariser
Concision of writings
3. Grammar checker
Tool to check grammar & learn with corrections
Few other UI components
Interactive gifs that accurately explains the copy (live site has gifs), that helps in tutoring new users about the features & tools
Showing integrations in landing page to encourage downloads and conversion
As a result of this revamp,
Increased conversion by 20%, more web visits & better user reviews

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