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Hello! I’m Deepshika 👋🏻
Experience Designer making happy & inclusive experiences with data & psychology, improving business
with 6+ years of experience, also a design mentor, consultant, user advocate, productivity enthusiast, motorcyclist, baker & barista, based in Chennai, India.

This is me!

🚀 Passionate storyteller and mentor with 6+ years of experience crafting intuitive, user-centric experiences. I advocate for UX from the ground up, starting with deep dives into ideation, market research, and business requirements. I excel at prioritization and utilize both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to uncover user needs and pain points.

Building beautiful, accessible interfaces is my forte. I design maintainable systems with consistent, delightful screens that prioritize both usability and accessibility.

🗣️I captivate stakeholders with impactful presentations, translating complex UX concepts into clear, actionable insights.

😎 I am a motorcyclist and a travel enthusiast. I love to wake up with new views every now & then, to rejuvenate myself in this busy corporate 9-5 job.I also go on cafe hopping, finding the best biryanis & hot chocolates in the city. At home, I bake the best brownies, make the creamiest hot chocolates, strongest coffees, luscious cheesecakes, boozy tiramisu, or simply daydream about buying a Porsche GT3RS someday!

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I also help budding designers kick start!
I mentor on ADPlist, BlueLearn,,, Superprof etc., for aspirants to understand the career in the right way. Specially for portfolio reviews, interview guidance, specific topic mentorships etc. I am also a guest lecturer at colleges
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Move the cards to clear up the stack😬
I also write
Few of my projects & blogs, to flex my pixels
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AI to the rescue!
I love Gen AI, and these are some of the experiments, that could help make life easier for many designers!
CaseBase helps you kickstart your UX case study with all the sections and content examples that could be included
ResearchGenie whips up a customized list of research methods tailored just for you, based on your problem, sources available & stage
Up for a chat sesh?
We can connect for opportunities, design consultations, mentorship, collaborations (or literally anything!)
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